Monday, April 10, 2017

Research Proposal

Research Proposal
By Israel Burgos Gonzalez


Dinoflagellates comprises of an abundant and diversified array of species living near land and off shore waters of Northwest Florida. One of those species, Karenia brevis or better known for their infamous name of Harmful Red Tide, lives amongst thousands of other species found throughout this region. Along with many other similar species become a clear marker in the evolutionary development of this region. Earth core samples have shown that these species have evolved and in some cases have evolved relatively quick.
They have shown that minute geological and climatological changes have also affected their development and evolution. These markers can help pinpoint and answer the following questions:
·      Has man-made involvement the reason for this evolutionary changes.
·      Is there a clear indication of evolutionary changes and an increase in man related activities.
·      Are we the cause for red tides?


 Conduct an in-depth analysis of core samples extracted from near shore lines of North West Florida, to include samples taken below water tables. These samples should exhibit clear markers of evolutionary changes.
Pinpoint dinoflagellates die-offs in the core samples and associate these layers within a geological timeline.

Answers to these questions can help us understand the intrinsic process of these obscure creatures and the rest of the world.

A request for information has been placed with the Earth and Science Department at UWF; Professor Johan Liebens and Associate Dean Mathew Schwartz can offer some assistance.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chimera 3, Images and Final Product


All these images were used to create this bizarre collage of images "chimera" style; I used Free Transform tool to manipulate the climber and rotate her body 180º; copying the image and shrinking it to look like shadow. Magic wand and free selection tool were instrumental in shaping up and polishing the images.

Chimera 2, Images and final product


These images helped a dis-respectful composition of Supreme Court Justice, Honorable (and notorious) Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The use of blending tools helped this chimera become somewhat real. The real challenge is to manipulate the image to crate penetration and be able to blend both images seamlessly. Advance apologies are in order for such liberties taken from this liberal justice.

Chimera 1, Photos and End Product


These group of images were my first selection for the "chiamera1" collage. I used several tools such as Fx (Special Effects) were I can modify  blending options and close match the colors to the layers below. Texture, smudge and erase tools also helped hone in a blended collage. I'm afraid I didn't use the layering process too well, in which images were not completely "behind" others; but the blur and smudge tools managed to assimilate those sharp edges.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A response to: How is New Media both inclusive and exclusive of the traditional media?

In response to: How is New Media both inclusive and exclusive of the traditional media? 
                                                                                                               January 22, 2017

      When a child gets a new bike, he cannot wait to ride it until the tires fall off. He will go far and away to show off to friends and neighbors his prized possession. Once the thrill is gone the poor bike will collect dust, rust or better yet, sold or be donated. What is inclusive or exclusive about this? Not the bike or the child, but the neighbors and friends. Those people are witnessing and assimilating the “new” item rolling their streets. If this bike is cool, they’ll want to see more; if it’s unappealing or unpractical, they will waste no time with it.
      When television was introduced for mass consumption, it was not a sudden rush of boxes rolling out of stores, it was a gradual increment of separate successes that made it possible. To this day we are still exited of the “new” flavors of television experience that comes out every year. And it will continue for as long as long as we have some attention span left in us. This happens across any segment of communication that gets an improvement nudge for the better. Our acceptance of these “new” items can be separated into two simple camps: those who see new technologies as practical and necessary, commerce pure and simple; and those who see this practical necessity as an elevated art form ahead of its future "expiration time", whenever that may be. The first group wants to make profits; the second group wants to create and transform, constructive or destructively.
      Generally, the direction of acceptance or rejection of new media is determined by its usefulness. Take the cell phone for instance, a robust piece of technology that can communicate, collect images and give a sense of security among other things, is a long shot form been useless. When a wheelbarrow rusts away, its most usefulness is to become a flower pot in the garden. Hard to imagine a flower pot made out of cell phones, although there’s an idea. Whenever a new cell phone rolls out and becomes the last gadget you’ll ever need, the rest of the cell phones in the world will become “wheelbarrows” and become elevated to something else.
      When Marcel Duchamp presented his Fountain in 1917, he had already elevated the usefulness and practicality of the urinal to be “something” else. This “new” item was then and there marked as passé, its importance downgraded and transformed into a social commentary. This phenomena, occurs throughout the world; some become a focal point of interest, conflict and renaissance; like the Tamagotchi, a virtual pet created in its original intent for girls in the 1990’s. Or the Tickle Me Elmo toy that created a newer movement of rabid consumers: electronic toy collectors. If it quacked, rumbled or farted electronically, it was going up on the shelf to collect dust.
Others were not so hot, and too many to mention, pick the worst and you shall find twenty. Improved technology lends itself for creative minds to find its personality and inclusion at the pace of its own worth to us all.

                                                                                                Israel Burgos Gonzalez